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Transforming organizations by helping their leaders and managers

move from blind spots to action.

This is accomplished by designing and facilitating measurable development programs that

let them more clearly understand themselves and how others see them

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Assessments, workshops, tools, and coaching that

help leaders, managers and organizations:

Increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence and employee engagement

Pre-empt or smooth the dysfunctional behaviors and culture clashes that inhibit growth

Forge, strengthen, or save relationships among employees and clients -- quickly

Improve productivity, communication, teamwork & execution

Deliver better results / Meet or beat expectations

Q:  Who are LWCA's best clients?

A:  Any organization that has recently completed a merger or acquisition. This is because:

  1. Their organization has the complexity that creates a need for LWCA,

  2. If they could afford to do an M&A deal, they can afford our services, and

  3. They have a sense of urgency because they haven't prepared for the people and relationship issues they're facing now that the transaction has closed.

What Makes The Leading With Courage® Academy Different?

We know you have options.  How do they compare to what we bring to help you address your challenges -- NOW?
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4-Steps For Working Together

LWCA designs, facilitates, and reinforces measurable development programs

that move leaders and managers from blind spots to action. 

We'll meet with you to better understand:

  • Your business,

  • What makes this is a priority now,

  • What "is" and what "should be", and

  • How the change(s) will impact the business, you, your people, etc.



We'll gather some more data about your culture, organization, and leadership behaviors from your leaders and key staff.

Together, we'll agree on the areas of concern, what success looks like, and the timing for addressing them.

Design A Custom Solution

We'll design a custom, interactive program to meet the needs of your organization and the individuals who will take part in it.

Depending on what's to be accomplished, the program could span a period of months.

We'll deliver the program(s), soliciting feedback along the way.  We'll make adjustments as necessary based on the feedback to the timing, content, tools used, etc.

At major milestons, we'll check the progress that's being made by the participants towards the program's success criteria.

Schedule A Meeting

Identify The Gaps & 

Prioritize Your Needs

Implement &

Measure Outcomes

Client Loyalty Assessments
When you have the courage to ask your clients what they think.

Our client loyalty assessments go beyond satisfaction to reveal three ways to secure more

high-quality B2B business:

  • Saving and strengthening current client relationships

  • Growing your existing clients

  • Increasing your win rate

Clients have usually called us when they are facing one or more of these challenges:

  • Interested in separating facts from emotions, personal opinions, self-interest and power

  • Frustrated that they're not growing as fast as they'd like

  • Tired of being treated as a commodity 

  • Surprised by the loss of a key client or prospect 

  • Wanting to break a pattern of complacency with the status quo

  • On-boarding a new leader or considering a merger or acquisition

Save one relationship, sell one new service or add a new client and you'll have paid for your CLA!
Contact us to learn about our "no risk" guarantee:               (312) 827-2643   

3 Questions To Ask Yourself

LWCA designs, facilitates, and reinforces measurable development programs

that move leaders and managers from blind spots to action. 

When we tried to address this  issue ourselves the last time,

how did that work out for us?

What's our alternative to doing nothing?

Do we have the

time, expertise, and courage

 to tackle this challenge ourselves?

Get Started Now :            (312) 827-2643   

Links and Resources

LWCA designs, facilitates, and reinforces measurable development programs that

move leaders and managers from blind spots to action.

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