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Hi, I'm Lee Eisenstaedt, the founder of the Leading With Courage® Academy.
You're probably visiting our website because you're the leader of an employee (ESOP)- or family-owned company who wants to:
  • Unleash the power of having your employees thinking and acting like owners;
  • Increase the odds that your soon-to-be-formed or relatively new ESOP realizes its full potential (e.g., preserving your culture or legacy, or rewarding your employees); 
  • Strengthen trust, communication, collaboration, and relationships at all levels of your organization; and/or

  • Attract and retain more "A" team employees and customers.

We are advisors to the leaders of employee- and family-owned organizations who need simple, practical and straightforward counsel for building organizational capacity, healthy and sustainable businesses on a foundation of Cultures of Ownership, Leadership and Character-based Capitalism. 
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680 N. Lake Shore Dr., Suite 709, Chicago, IL 60611

Leading With Courage is a registered trademark of Value Drivers, LLC

95% of people claim to be self-aware.  The real number is 12%-15%.

Tasha Eurich, author      

We believe that many of the leadership, employee engagement and other organizational health issues facing us today

are due to a deficit of self-awareness.

Don't accept your dog's admiration as

conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.

Ann Landers                                                    

According to an American Management Association

study of 72 senior executives, "a high self-awareness score was

the strongest predictor of overall success."

This assessment is one of the 40+ assessments that are accessible by our clients.
Contact us about our other assessments and tools:  Everything DiSC, emotional intelligence, 360, employee engagement, Emotional Climate Index, succession planning, and more...

Have some questions?

☎️ (262) 412-4710


680 N. Lake Shore Dr., Suite 709, Chicago, Il. 60611

Sustainable, thriving Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) companies and family-owned organizations are characterized by everyone thinking and acting like owners.


LWCA helps the leaders of and advisors to these businesses realize this by...

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Fostering A
Culture of
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What Are The Attributes of
A Culture of Ownership?
Fostering A
Culture of Leadership (COL)
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What Are The Attributes of
A Culture of Leadership?
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Fostering A
 Culture of
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What Are The Attributes of
A Culture of
Character-based Capitalism?
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*A Culture of Character-based Capitalism is characterized by making more money by doing what's right for all of your stakeholders.

        (262) 412-4710          Chicago, IL 60611
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I'm Lee Eisenstaedt.

I founded the Leading With Courage® Academy (LWCA) based on my dedication to helping the leaders of and advisors to employee- and family-owned organizations be more effective builders and stewards of healthy sustainable, thriving businesses that strive to do what's right for all of their stakeholders.


Our advisory services are focused on leadership development, self-awareness and succession planning.  Our assessments, workshops, and processes are data-based,  guided by real- world experience, and proven in the market which, I believe are why our clients tell us that more than 75% of what they've learned from us can be used right away.

I also find our clients like partnering with someone who has a passion for the basics, simplifies the complex, is not afraid of asking "dumb" questions, and has the courage to speak truth to power.


The foundation of LWCA is my deep and diverse experience as:  a senior finance and operations executive with SC Johnson, including four years in its family office and five years in Paris, France, the Chief Operating Officer of two large CPA firms, the author of four books and numerous articles on leadership, and an Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council. 

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Let's work together:

Member of:
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Examples of How LWCA Addresses Challenges Faced By Organizations

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Have some questions?

☎️ (262) 412.4710


680 N. Lake Shore Dr, Suite 709

Chicago, IL  60611

4 Questions To Ask

Before Doing Yourself

The Things LWCA Does

LWCA designs and facilitates leadership assessments, workshops and development programs

that empower leaders and managers to foster the cultures and behaviors of thriving, sustainable

employee- and family-owned organizations.

When you tried

to address this

 issue yourself

the last time,

how did that work out?

How committed are you to finishing the project once you start it?
Get Started Now :                (262) 412-4710            Chicago, IL  60611
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