C                        1

Honor and respect the organization’s culture;

know what makes people proud.

  Wdyt                  3

Avoid coming in with the answer by asking others “what do you think?”

  Fb                      5

Maximize the value you add by focusing on fewer, bigger ideas and projects.  Delegate!

  Upod                 9

Under-promise and over-deliver to maintain credibility and trust; but don’t sand bag

Periodic Table of
Leading With Courage®
  Rn                     2

Build relationships and

network;  be approachable

and visible

Rollover each "element" to reveal some indicators of potential blind spots

  Hpt                    4

Build a high-performing

team by not sticking with under-performers too long

One of the Nine Behaviors

of Leading With Courage®



  In                       6

Be open to innovations and new ways of doing things to stay relevant and competitive

  Sa                     10

Be self-aware of  your strengths and blind spots; seek feedback -- regularly;  be emotionally intelligent

 Ta                       7

Foster trust and alignment;  alignment and agreement are not the same thing

  Hc                     11

Be humble and confident, avoid arrogance  leadership Is about what you do, not where you’re seated

 Ws                      8

Develop and implement

a winning strategy;  influence others to work towards your vision

  Mc                    12

Meet your commitments

to the best of your ability without reminders from others

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